Renting Your Condo in a Strata - New BC Rental Law

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The recent passing of Bill 44 in November 2022, has brought significant changes to rental laws in British Columbia (BC), particularly concerning Strata properties. As a result, homeowners and potential landlords have been seeking clarity on their ability to rent out their Strata lots. At Propped, we aim to provide comprehensive information and expert guidance to landlords and homeowners. In this article, we will outline the key points of the new rental law and address common concerns related to renting condos within a Strata. If you require professional property management services in Vancouver, contact Propped today for personalized assistance.

1. Renting Your Strata Lot: Under the new rental law, homeowners are now permitted to rent out their Strata lots, which include condos, townhomes, and detached properties within a bare land Strata. The rental period must be at least 30 days to comply with the law.

2. Form K Requirement: While homeowners can rent their Strata lots, the Strata Corporation may still require a Form K to be signed by the incoming tenants. This form provides important information about the tenancy and acknowledges the Strata Corporation's rules and regulations.

3. Restrictions on Occupancy Type: One significant change brought about by Bill 44 is that, generally, a Strata Corporation can no longer enforce restrictions on the occupancy type of a Strata lot. This means they cannot impose bylaws that exclusively restrict tenants or discriminate against rental occupancy in favour of owner occupancy. However, it's important to note that specific scenarios may be subject to ongoing legal challenges.

4. The Unenforceability of Certain Bylaws: If your Strata Corporation had bylaws that imposed restrictions on rentals, these bylaws are now considered unenforceable. Consequently, the Strata cannot force you to evict your tenant solely because you are renting, charge additional fees or fines based on rental status, or introduce new bylaws targeting tenants with restrictions.

The new rental law in BC, as introduced by Bill 44, grants homeowners greater freedom to rent their Strata lots for a minimum period of 30 days. Strata Corporations can no longer enforce bylaws restricting rentals or discriminating against tenants. At Propped, we understand the complexities of rental regulations and are here to support landlords and homeowners in Vancouver. If you have questions about specific bylaws in your Strata or require professional property management services, contact Propped today. Our team is ready to assist you in navigating the changing rental landscape.

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