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As the founder of Propped, I am proud to share the transformative journey we have embarked on to reshape the property management landscape in Canada. By integrating the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, we've created a distinct, comprehensive property management experience, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of the modern property owners.

Propped is more than just a property management company – it's a new way of thinking about and approaching property management. Our approach, driven by AI, distinguishes us from traditional property management entities, enabling us to deliver unmatched service to our clientele.

Our proprietary technology is a game-changer. By utilizing AI, we can assess millions of data points to determine the ideal leasing period, set the best price for your property, and pick top-quality tenants. The result is a streamlined, efficient process that maximizes income and minimizes vacancies.

However, our commitment to redefining property management extends beyond our innovative use of technology. We've built a dedicated team that works around the clock to support our clients. Our team manages everything from professional maintenance to bi-annual inspections, ensuring your property is always in the best condition and performing at its peak.

What truly sets us apart is our unique rent guarantee. At Propped, we're so convinced of the effectiveness of our AI and data-driven strategy that we assure your rental income, even before a tenant is found. But it's important to note that our rent guarantee, as well as our pricing structure and fees, are determined by a thorough risk and suitability assessment, designed to cater to our homeowners' specific needs and circumstances. This not only offers our clients peace of mind but also underlines our commitment to leveraging technology coupled with our sincere goal of doing what's best for our clients and tenants - to deliver concrete, tangible benefits.

We firmly believe in the importance of transparency, which is why it is a fundamental principle of our business. We have a clear, no-hidden-fees policy, ensuring property owners always know exactly what they are paying for.

At Propped, our goal is to revolutionize the property management industry in Canada. By blending the power of AI with our passion for delivering exceptional service, we're transforming the way property management is done. We take pride in setting new industry standards and offering a reimagined property management experience to property owners all across Canada.

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