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We are a full-service property management company that provide a reimagined property management experience.

Propped has the best data and leasing practices which allow us to place tenants that will love your home (just as much as you do), in record time, at the best price. We do everything your normal property manager does, just better. No hidden fees, dedicated teams, 24/7 support, professional maintenance, bi-annual inspections, we do it all. Plus we back up our words and guarantee your rent even before a tenant is placed.

No hidden fees, ever.

Common extra charges Other companies Propped
Tenant credit checks $25 each $0
Set up fees Up to $500 $0
Admin fees Up to $500 $0
Registration fees $300 - $400 $0
Booking fees $300 - $400 $0
Inspection fees $100 each $0
Tenant renewal fees Up for $500 $0
Professional photography $150 $0
3D virtual tour $500 $0

How Propped works

It is simple to get started, all we need is the address of your property

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Get a rental guarantee offer

We compare millions of data points to identify the best rental price for your property, within the optimal leasing time, from the best quality of tenant. We let you know your guaranteed rental income and when your property will start generating rent.

Sign our property management agreement

You can accept our guaranteed rental offer by signing our property management agreement. This is the minimum price we'll pay you every month, if we beat our guarantee, you get more income.

Make your property rent-ready

We'll inspect your property, manage repairs, take photos, and organise a 3D tour to ensure your property earns the highest income. Our incentives are aligned to maximise your rental income.

List your property online

Even before the photos are complete we will generate a handcrafted listing that will have tenants inquiring in no time. Your property will be listed on all major property sites, as well as social media, and the promotion costs are covered by us.

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Find your perfect tenant

We choose the right tenant every time with the most comprehensive tenant screening & background checks. We also require all tenants to have insurance for extra piece of mind.

Relax and get paid

Forget cheques and late payments. Our automated rent collection sends monthly rent directly to your bank account. Your property is now managed by us so you can relax and enjoy your income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Propped is a full-service residential property management company that uses artificial intelligence to enhance our property management services. We aim to place tenants in properties in record time and at the best price. We do this by leveraging our proprietary technology, which compares millions of data points to identify the best price, within the optimal leasing time, and from the best quality of tenant. We offer services like regular maintenance, bi-annual inspections, and 24/7 support. Uniquely, we also guarantee rental income every month to the property owner, even before a tenant is placed.
Our fees are dependent upon your location, we can provide you an exact price once you supply your property address. To give you an indication, most of our homeowners pay a 10% management fee and a placement fee equivalent to 50% of the first month's rent​.
Propped uses its proprietary technology to guarantee rental income to property owners every month, even before a tenant is placed. The rental income is determined by us and presented to you as an offer. Once you accept the offer and sign our property management agreement, the guarantee begins. If we can lease your property for more than our guaranteed amount you'll get the higher amount.
At Propped, we are committed to finding individuals who will cherish your home as much as you do. To uphold this mission, we never compromise on quality. Our comprehensive Resident vetting process includes meticulous background and credit checks, thorough income and employment verification, reference assessments, and a personalized interview conducted by our experienced Tenant Onboarding Specialist. Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your home is entrusted to responsible and reliable tenants.
Propped homes are offered unfurnished. We strongly advise against self-furnishing. Although we acknowledge your impeccable taste, it's worth noting that opting for furnished homes often command lower rental prices compared to their unfurnished counterparts. Moreover, selecting an unfurnished home helps prevent potential issues and frustrations in the future, particularly if any damage occurs. Our goal is to ensure your experience is seamless and satisfactory!
At Propped, we value our connection with you just as much as our bond with the Homeowner. We are here not only to help you find your dream home in your dream neighborhood but also to break free from the broken rental system. Our system allows you to easily view rent payments and documents, and request maintenance work. No more playing phone tag, missing maintenance requests, or dealing with absentee property management. And of course, our Member Service Team is available for support 24/7. We're here to make renting a breeze for you.
To begin the application process, simply visit our website and navigate to the listing page of your desired home. As part of the application, you'll be asked to provide your bank account credentials or income verification documents, a valid form of identification, contact information for your most recent landlord, and a $[x] application fee. This fee includes the expenses associated with conducting a thorough background and credit check on your behalf.
If your initial application is not approved, don't worry! You have the option to reapply for the same home by providing additional information or adding a cosigner to strengthen your application. Furthermore, you are welcome to apply for other available homes. Having unapproved applications on file does not automatically hinder your chances of being approved for another home, as the decision may vary depending on the specific circumstances and reasons involved.
The move-in dates for each Propped home are clearly indicated in the listing. If the home you're interested in is currently available for move-in, you can settle in as soon as the necessary paperwork is completed and the deposit is submitted.
No more hassle with cheques or outdated systems. With Propped, our platform will automatically deduct your rent from our bank account each month.

What our homeowners
are saying about us

Randy Abedrabbo photo
Randy Abedrabbo
Vancouver, BC

As a homeowner, it's crucial to know your property is in the best possible hands, and with Propped, I can confidently say that it is. Their services have transformed my experience from stressful to effortless. They expertly handle every aspect of property management, from tenant selection and rent collection to maintenance, all with an unmatched level of professionalism.

Alex Chin photo
Alex Chin
Burnaby, BC

Propped have been our property managers for more than two years for our investment property. I would say, they have done a fabulous job in helping us find the right tenants and addressed all our issues in terms of repairs and fixes. I would highly recommend Propped.

Brittany W photo
Brittany W
North Vancouver, BC

For over two years, Propped has been the dedicated manager of our investment property. They have delivered an exemplary service, from finding the perfect tenants to swiftly resolving any repair or maintenance concerns we've had. It's with confidence and enthusiasm that I endorse Propped for their outstanding work.

Alex Chin photo
Alex Chin
Burnaby, BC

Propped have been our property managers for more than two years for our investment property. I would say, they have done a fabulous job in helping us find the right tenants and addressed all our issues in terms of repairs and fixes. I would highly recommend Propped.

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